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♡ Convincing My Dad To Transfer To Admu Part 1 ♡

Me: Stanley said that he might transfer to DLSU or CSB.
Dad: Really? Why?
Me: ADMU is faraway from Manila and he doesn't like dorming and he kinda wants to take Multimedia Arts.
Dad: So he has a house in Manila?
Me: Yah, his grandparents'. Ughhh! If I where him, I will never think of transferring! Ughh! He's already there. Why go out?
Dad: You still want to go to ADMU?
Me: Yesss.
Dad: How much is the tuition there?
Me: 80k.
Dad: Dual sem?
Me: Yup.
Dad: 160k per year. In DLSU, 65k per term times three, so around 195k per year. I see.
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♡ I’m Only Worth A 2.5 ♡

Our Englcom prof just showed us our final grades in her class. And I surprisingly got a 2.5. And right now, I’m so down. I know that 1.0 is the passing grade but still 2.5 makes me feel like I’m still an average. How will I get an improvement next time if I only have to take Englcom once? 

Are my essays really that boring? I mean in my opinion the how the essay looks doesn’t matter, but the content. ARE MY ESSAYS SUCKY? ARE MY THOUGHTS CRAPPY? Uhhhhh :( Grades like this are supposed to build me up but it makes me weaker. Fuck my life! Bye DL dreams! Bye DL-su haha.

- O

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So there’s this guy who studies on the other side of the city. Where the Blue Eagles are. Well you probably know Brent. One of the reasons why I want to transfer to ADMU. Here goes the story on how I knew him. My best friend since 2001, Marga studies in ADMU and during their ORSEM she told that she has this blockmate who looks like the Biebs. And you know how I love the Biebs? Then she told me that the guy’s name was Brent. And she doesn’t know the last name so she gave me the whole list of the names of her blockmates. Then I found out and quickly added him on facebook before she ever adds him so that we won’t get in trouble. Okay, then it came to the week that we have to get a lot of “likes” in our Miss Saigon block photo and he was online. 

For 2 months of waiting, now he’s online and I finally have something to say, “Will you pls. like our block photo?.” Then he didn’t reply. Then I continued, “Oh so you know Marga?” Then he replied, “Kinda :) She’s my blockmate” “Really? What a coincidence…I’m her childhood best friend”.

Not a coincidence at all.

Then he replied, “Nice :) How did you know I knew her? FB?” “I just saw.”

I just saw? Hahahaha. I’m such a liar.

Then we talked about a few stuff like we dorm and I go to DLSU…..

The next day, Marga told me that Brent told her that our conversation was creepy and it was awkward.

But, I went to ADMU the day after that and we weren’t expecting to see him. From afar, he was flipping his hair and I thought to myself “Is this Brent? this looks like Brent?” Then Marga whispered, “Brent’s here.” Then she told Brent, “She found me.” Then Brent said “hi”, and I said “hi.”

When I got home I quickly told him that I was sorry for creeping him out for talking to him. But he said that I didn’t creep him out. And, I also told him that it was nice to see him even though it was half a second. And he said the same too. 

And after 2 weeks, last night I talked to him on facebook. We talked and I asked him if we could be friends, and he said, “Of course! :) You seem really nice and we have been acquainted so yeah :)” OMG!!!! Then I told him that it’s our finals week and we have a week for the term break, and I told him that on that week, i’ll be visiting admu. And he replied, “Cool :) I’ll see you.” Then I replied, “Yah for half a second.” “We can hang out if you want :) I’m free on Tuesdays and Thursdays :)” 


Then I replied, “Well sure :) I’ll just tell you if when will I go there.” Babe, I’m so going! Alright, I need to calm the fuck down, and nail this “hang out”. For gawd’s sake, I hope that I won’t screw shit next week.


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Reasons Why I Should Transfer to ADMU
  • Dream school since I was 8.
  • The campus reminds me of Puerto.
  • Also one of the Top 3 universities in the Philippines.
  • I have close friends who study there.
  • My grandma’s house is near.
  • My aunt’s office is near.
  • It’s not as risky as Taft.
  • It’s blue, my favorite color is blue.
  • Kiefer Ravena scores 3 points most of the time.
  • The campus looks so college.
  • The campus has trees!
  • Their museum is cool.
  • Canteens are full of food.
  • Dream school since I was 8.
  • Brent, the love of my life studies here.
  • Again, the love of my life studies here!!!!

So what more? I know that they don’t have aircon. But I just find everything there is perfect for me. That I belong there. But still I have to make up my mid, I’ll be leaving the school who has the best communication arts program. But, my heart keeps on calling to bleed blue.

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♡ Brian Week ♡

Since July started, I was trying to get over Brian. But I’m totally failing. Because before, when I was so into Brian, I would barely see him in school. But now, I see him every single day. How would you not forget that cheeky boy’s smile? That smile that inspired me to go to school everyday since the first time I saw him. Wow I sound cheezy. But with Brian showing up everyday. It makes me think that I really can’t get over him. And I might as well not get over him. But it’s sad that he doesn’t like me back.

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♡ Pls. be my friend ♡

I acted that I was sick so that I could have a good excuse for being late on our Miss Saigon practice, but luckily almost everyone is late. I ate lunch with Abby, Amoira, and Chloie. And gawd they were also victims of Kat Lima’s ass/boob grabbing hands! Finally I feel safe now. 

I went to the Freshmen Open Forum were the canditates from Tapat and Santugon would answer the questions with regards to the Student Government and how would they improve shit. My purpose on going there is to see Jorel Yan, and omg if I’m from COB, I’m so gonna CO for him! He was 3ft away from me, and he looks so flawless. And he answered one of the questions in Tagalog, and it was my first time to hear him talk. And there I knew, he was a very good guy. Like he was so true to himself. Bam! Marry me? Also, I wasn’t expecting to see Brian again! Wow Brian thanks for showing up, now I’m torn between you and Jorel in one room. I don’t know, since I started trying to get over Brian, he started showing up wherever I go every single day. Then Jorel’s girl, Frances sat next to me for a short period of time. And it’s kinda sad that Jorel kept on looking at her. Well, boy just so you know, your true love is just right beside her! It’s so frustrating, why do cute boys have to like cute girls too? Why can’t they just give chances on people on lower levels? I only want Jorel to look at stars with me, to share a tall strawberry cheese cake frapp with me, to sing with me, and to do math with me, that’s all I want to do when I’m gonna be his girlfriend.

Then while I was about to go home, I passed by Randolph, he was going the other way. I know that he was running for Tapat as President of the CCS. And asI passed by him, I said “hi”, and told him that his speech was good. Then we started talking, he said that he was supposed to go to his friend’s condo to get his stuff, but his friend wasn’t replying that he would just stay with me for a while. Why would he stay with me?! I fuckin’ hate him for judging my good girl attitude and for calling me “weird”! But yah, I guess he doesn’t have any company at all. And at least one of the running presidents is my “friend”. He was nice tho, for noticing me and for acknowledging me as his friend. Tbh, I barely have friends in school. Then when we already on the school gate, as I said “goodbye” to him, I involuntarily hugged him. OMG WHAT DID I DO?! Maybe it’s just he was so nice to talk to me, cause I don’t have company at all. And maybe I really need him, cause I really feel lonely. Man, he’s a nice dude! I wish I was her girlfriend, she’s lucky af! 

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♡ I’m a Cheater ♡

Our Scienvb professor gave back our paper works, and when I got one my paper works there’s “SEE ME” written on it, beside my grade which is a 5/10. I already know why he would like to see me, because I copied my home work from Cloie, who copied from Valerie. But I paraphrased it though. During the entire hour, I was very nervous thinking that our prof would send me to the Discipline Office to get me a minor offense. I was actually planning not to talk to him, and just forget about it. But I wanted him not to think that I’m a coward cheater. So after class, I asked, “What did I do?” He said, “I think you know what you did.” Then I told the truth, “That time me and my three friend were together, and we worked together. But why did you gave me a 5/10? You gave them a 9/10 and 10/10?” Then he said, “No! I gave the other one a 3/10. I subtracted 5 points from you and Cloie, because you almost have the same sentence structure. You’re supposed to be a 10, and she got an 8.” Wow! I was the one who copied from Cloie, and I’m the one who gets a grade higher than her. Then he also said, “Don’t do this again, okay? Your answers are very good, but why’d you have to almost cheat?” And then I apologized. And he was like, “It’s a good thing that you admitted your mistake.” Then I left the room. At the School Cafeteria, Cloie asked me if what our prof told me and I told her that he said that it’s okay and we shouldn’t do it again. 

At Sociology class, Dan told everyone that his family doesn’t know that he’s gay. And he hasn’t told them yet, because he is uncomfortable about talking about it. I felt very sad, because he is feeling uncomfortable and it is very hard to keep a secret. How I wish parents would always accept us for who we are. It’s horrible to think that Dan is a very fun and happy person at school, while at home he may have the same behavior but he isn’t free. Most of our parents would say that they’d be happy for who their child is, that they’d support them for their plans in life, and they would accept them for who they are. But why do they make us feel uncomfortable with our choices? Why are they stopping us for being who we really are? 

Tbh, I have a very outgoing spirit, but what hinders me from being outgoing is that my parents doubt me A LOT. I haven’t done anything illegal or something that is against my religion, but my parents think that I’m doing bad stuff. One time when my dad’s credit card bill came and my mom saw the songs from iTunes that I bought. She yelled at me, asking me if what are the other things that I’ve been doing that she doesn’t know. As if buying from iTunes is bad? I know that I didn’t ask permission from them, but I just downloaded an album and now you think I’m a rebel? Mom pls. 

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